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GTECH complies with the recommendations of the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises (Geneva 2000) and subscribes to the guidelines expressed by the International Labour Office (ILO).

These guidelines are followed in all the countries where GTECH operates.

Company rules concerning loyalty, diligence, respect for competition, ban on using confidential information, and practices relative to improper payments and money laundering are principles of the code of conduct which every employee is required to know and sign.


It is the Company’s policy to provide a safe work environment, free from health and safety hazards. In the case of a workplace-related injury or illness, the Company is committed to providing appropriate medical attention for the employee. If the injury or illness is work-related, the Company will comply with all jurisdictional laws regarding reporting requirements, and all applicable requirements for providing insurance to reimburse employees for lost wages and medical expenses.

Activities promoting good health vary across GTECH jurisdictions according to the local and national variances in public health care systems.

In the U.S., where health care programs are provided through private insurance companies, GTECH offers additional programs to its employees and their family members:

  • Wellness Incentives: GTECH’s medical plan includes wellness objectives that must be achieved in order to receive a wellness contribution to the employee’s Health Savings Account.
  • Free Flu Vaccinations: each year, GTECH partners with a third party provider and offers onsite flu vaccinations at all Rhode Island locations. For each location outside of Rhode Island, GTECH partners with Walgreens to provide employees with a free flu shot.
  • Non-Smoking Program: all GTECH employees covered under our medical plan have access to a smoking cessation program.

Internationally, GTECH has multiple offerings of HIV screenings, maternity-related benefits, training programs, fitness facilities and memberships, and other programs that vary by country.


It is the Company’s policy to provide equal employment opportunity for all employees on the basis of qualifications and merit. The Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual preference, sexual identity, marital status, military status, veteran status or any other legally protected status in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal laws.

As a global corporation that values workplace diversity and respect for all employees, the Company’s Code of Conduct gives specific guidelines for the implementation of an effective non-discrimination policy, as well as a set of procedures to prevent mobbing and all forms of harassment.


GTECH provides different benefits to the Company’s personnel in compliance with the national laws of the jurisdiction in which the employee is hired. Therefore, Company benefits can vary considerably according to the benefits that are compulsory by law in a particular jurisdiction and the Company benefit which may be offered as a supplement in order to reduce inequalities in benefits across countries.

The Company is required to pay regular contributions established in support of the public welfare program for retirement, unemployment compensation, and health care.


GTECH applies the principle of equal opportunities for everyone, as stated in the Code of Conduct. Consequently, no preference is given to hiring local people or to favoring local managers in career programs.

It is the Company’s policy to treat all employees with respect and dignity. The Company recognizes that an employee’s disability or life-threatening illness presents extraordinary challenges for the individual, his or her manager, coworkers, and the Company.


Annually, GTECH Human Resources leads various processes to facilitate the understanding of business challenges and the subsequent definition of organization and department-specific learning objectives.

Learning courses consist of GTECH-specific training as well as general skills development, leadership, management, communications/interpersonal skills, business process/systems, safety, and technical skills. Learning formats include traditional classroom, virtual classroom, and a robust catalog of self-paced mechanisms (e-Learning, videos, and simulations) which are available to all employees on-demand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More than 20 standardized classroom courses are available, and custom courses are developed as requested by the business.

All GTECH security personnel are trained in the Company’s policies and procedures regarding human rights. In addition, all employees, including security personnel, are required to sign and abide by the Company’s Code of Conduct which fosters a culture that includes a safe, secure, and orderly work environment; equal opportunity, dignity, and fairness for all individuals; respect for diversity in all its manifestations; honest and transparent communication, creativity, and innovation, as well as employee feedback in the form of suggestions or complaints. GTECH is committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility program as well as to enabling its customers to provide educational, cultural, charitable, and philanthropic support to their citizens.


In 2014, the Company continued to use the appraisal system through the SAP portal. Work Success Factors (WSFs) were a way for a supervisor to evaluate an employee’s performance in terms of the 10 WSF descriptions related to success on the job. Each year, employees were graded on a scale of one to five in all of the WSF categories. The supervisor would complete a mid-year appraisal and the employee would complete a self-assessment. There was also an option to add Matrix Managers to rate the employee. Matrix Managers are comprised of other managers or employees that the employee worked with. This rating, if utilized, assisted the supervisor in completing the final assessment at the end of the year.


GTECH uses a variety of channels  to effectively communicate with personnel at  all levels. The most important internal communication channels are newsletters and the intranet:

  • News At Your Fingertips: A monthly electronic, newsletter that contains a variety of newsworthy stories compiled by Corporate Communications with input from GTECH sites around the world
  • ulearn is an electronic quarterly, internal newsletter distributed by our Learning Services group that highlights upcoming training sessions and books/articles to read.

GTECH’s internal internet, IntraConnect, is a secure network that contains important employee information and includes links to the following:

  • ushare: A forum that is similar to YouTube
  • uspace: This site is designed to be all about you (the employee) and may be customized to include links about important business applications.
  • Ask the Senior Staff:
  • Ask the Board of Directors:
  • Yammer: Newly implemented in 2014, this site is similar to Facebook. Employees may follow other employees, join specific groups, post comments and status updates, and join discussion topics.

Regular meetings are an opportunity to exchange face to face information. There are two main types of meetings:

  • The Annual Leadership Meeting is a two-day conference for the Company’s Directors and above
  • The Company-Wide Meetings are general meetings. Organizational Meetings are off-site meetings

GTECH recognizes the value of using dialogue and negotiation to achieve positive outcomes. The Company abides by non-discriminatory policies and procedures with respect to trade union organization, union membership and activities, and provides workers’ representatives with appropriate facilities to assist in the development of effective collective agreements.

Consequently, GTECH is involved in collective bargaining in different countries. Collective agreements cover 100% of personnel in Austria, China, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Sweden and 41% in Argentina.