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GTECH is a worldwide lottery operator and provider of technology solutions and systems to regulated gaming markets.

GTECH offers:

  • 400,000 lottery Point-of Sale-(POS) devices deployed and approximately 40,000 self-service units with lottery customers and lotteries that GTECH operates.
  • Instant ticket products or services with a total of 57 customers; 37 in the U.S. & Canada, six in Central/South America and Caribbean; 12 in Europe, one in Australia, and one in Africa.
  • Facilities management, lottery and gaming products, instant ticket services or the combination thereof with lottery operators in regulated markets in approximately 100 countries.
  • 21 video central systems deployed, over 83,000 Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) connected globally

As gaming is subject to public regulation in all the countries in which GTECH operates, the production of machines and the management of related services are subject to public restrictions and controls, the main one being a ban on gaming by minors. Consequently, GTECH activities are 100% subject to stringent information requirements aimed at full compliance with this ban.

Another critical deliverable for the Company is to provide constant, secure and reliable transaction processing for gaming customers. This goal is fulfilled in many different ways: adoption of the most advanced technologies, continuous improvement of the network, optimization of the Backup Data Center (BDC), implementation of the principle of redundancy, and pursuit of constant innovation through important investment programs.


GTECH operates a unified, customer-facing organization and is a leading competitor in the rapidly evolving gaming market through its Customer First service model.



Information Security plays an integral role in GTECH’s worldwide business as a technology provider and licensed gaming operator. As cyberspace and other IT security threats continue to increase, the continuing advancement of our security framework is a key strategic target for the Company.

GTECH has implemented, and continuously updates, an integrated security framework for the gaming market to protect customers and corporate assets, while complying with regulations, standards, and certifications.
The framework is based on industry-leading security solutions for continuous monitoring of the IT environment and secure processing of data. GTECH security solutions and internal processes proactively resolve the new vulnerabilities of technology and protect internal platforms, as well as defend online players from cyber-attacks. GTECH has the ability to integrate systems such as anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection, pro-active security monitoring, security incident management, identity access management, antivirus protection, and software and hardware vulnerability assessment across all areas of the business.
GTECH’s framework also leverages certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards for all IT operations; from physical point-of-sale devices to new game technologies and digital channels. GTECH’s ISMS utilizes industry best practices and adheres to the highest security certifications such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, OWASP, and NIST to ensure security compliance for all technology, processes, and gaming products.

An internal security procedure exists within the IT system that is engineered to deter any breach of personal data and to automatically detect the root-cause, impacts, and tracking of a security threat. The technical expertise and security industry acumen of GTECH’s professionals guarantees the continuous improvement of incident management procedures and the attainment of a high level of protection and security for personal data.

Direct customer relationship management is primarily the responsibility of GTECH’s Account Teams The Account Teams ensure that the Company’s overall strategy and vision are executed and serve as a focal-point for all of the Company’s business.
Ultimate responsibility for the accounts lie with the Account Development Managers (ADM) or Country Managers. Their role is to work with the customer to execute the contract and build the customer relationship. The ADM is the link between the local organization and corporate.

Service to GTECH’s global customer base addresses all of the different segments of the value chain and can be analytically divided into two broad segments of business: B2B and B2C. B2B products and services are delivered to public or private gaming operators and retailers; B2C products and services are offered to players and customers.



The retailer base works directly with the end consumer.

The quality of the relationships with the point-of-sale retailers is an important success factor for GTECH as the Company places great emphasis on providing value-added services to retailers.

GTECH considers the retailers to be business partners and encourages their entrepreneurial development through various training programs. These programs address the commercial aspects of selling GTECH products as well as the best practices that relate to product distribution, legal responsibilities, business management, and responsible gaming.


In 2014, GTECH  worked to implement an innovative retailer training delivery system known as Lottery Learning Link (LLL). LLL is a web-based instructional program that includes full motion video and audio, three dimensional, interactive representations of terminal hardware, and simulations of the touchscreen lottery terminal applications.


Retailer training is a key asset for Lottomatica, Lottomatica ensures complete understanding of the technology and services it provides, and also our commitment to Responsible Gaming. To meet specific training needs, classroom training is also provided by the Training and Marketing Responsibles (RAM) –which provides specific training activities for retailers.



The portal,, contains all business news, giving information in a timely, detailed, and customized way to each customer that logs on to the website.

Through this portal, customers can download training materials such as manuals, accounting documents, online assistance requests;  monitor  credit limits and services; and directly order Scratch and Win and materials. Moreover, GTECH can send out messages to each POS or to a specific group.

In addition, the Responsible Gaming section has been improved and reinforced.

The portal is designed to support the Company/ retailer relationship.


Offers its retailers a best-in-class retailer training program that has several components including Responsible Gaming awareness.


Provides approximately two hours of classroom training to all retailers and focuses one hour of that training on Responsible Gaming.  Northstar Lottery Group posts several retailer communications to this site including the Retailer Focus newsletter, raffle results, and other product communications.

GTECH Antilles

Technical training is available to retailers 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday by GTECH Antilles Field Service Technical Staff. There are also training sessions provided monthly at the main office to educate retailers on all of the GTECH Antilles lottery games and equipment, as well as best practices. This training is conducted in a classroom setting with a trainer and equipment for practicing the instruction given.

As an example, Lottomatica uses several communications channels including terminal communications, pop-up messages on terminals, direct mailing, emails, telephone calls, and its Resellers Portal (


In recent years, gaming operators have been re-examining the single business segment model and have begun to offer a range of integrated products. GTECH, whose approach is centered on the customer, has followed and even encouraged this change, presenting itself as a unified organization, capable of offering solutions in all areas of the industry. In compliance with the differences of the legal specificities of each country and jurisdictions, all over the world, GTECH has adopted a model centered on the individual customer, providing services that embrace all of the various gaming segments in an integrated approach.

This has  been the case in Italy, where Lottomatica has  longstanding experience as the lottery operator. This experience has been applied to GTECH’s LMS customers including New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Costa Rica, Colombia, and GTECH Antilles.



Italy remains one of the most important market for consumers, where GTECH continues the  history of superior service established by Lottomatica.
In the fourth quarter of 2014, Lottomatica served 23.1 million players (47.5 % of total population of 18 and more), which increased by more than 250,000 compared to the fourth quarter of 2013.

In the gaming market, Lottomatica holds 47.5% of the gaming market share, meaning €6.6 billion turnover.

New games played on new platforms such as smartphones and tablets, have increased the number of online players to eight million and growing. The online gambling for money market is increasing as well, as shown by research that revealed that 1.1 million people say that they have played a game online in the last three months, and more than 800,000 players have an online gaming account.



The gaming account management Fraud Team ensures the safety of gaming environments and maintains an appropriate level of transparency to the customer:
Assessment preventive actions

During 2014, regarding fraudulent transactions the percentage marked a low 0,01

During 2014, the variety of games offered has been improved. Overall, product innovation in 2014 was focused on the betting segment that, in fact, achieved a significant increase in turnover after several years of decline, thanks to the consistent recovery of shares of the game played on unauthorized sites.

Two-thirds of active online players spend  an average of less than €50 a month and more than half of those players only play occasionally.

Surveys carried out in Italy show changes in players’ motivations. Players tend to be more responsible, and most of them establish spending limits. Surveys also show that Italian online players want to play for fun, rather than to make money (source: Doxa, G@me in Italy 2014).


On June 20, 2013, Northstar New Jersey signed a 15-year LMS Agreement with the New Jersey Department of Treasury and New Jersey Lottery to provide comprehensive lottery services through year 2029. The mission of the New Jersey Lottery is to raise revenue for maximum contribution to education and institutions benefiting the citizens of New Jersey through the sale of Lottery products.

GTECH Indiana

GTECH Indiana, LLC, signed the 15-year Integrated Services Agreement with the Hoosier Lottery on October 12, 2012. Under the Agreement, which began in 2013, the Hoosier Lottery has control over all significant business decisions, GTECH Indiana manages the day-to-day operations of the Hoosier Lottery and its core functions until June 30, 2028.

GTECH Antilles

GTECH Antilles consists of six private management contracts (Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Maartens, and U.S. Virgin Islands) signed with six different sovereign nations, which are managed under one multi-jurisdictional management structure.

GTECH Costa Rica

It is estimated that over 840,000 people are regular players of the Costa Rica Lottery, which equates to approximately 70% of the country’s regular players. Approximately 60% of Costa Rica’s regular players are males and two thirds of that percentage are between 35 and 65 years old.

GTECH Colombia

GTECH SAS has been the operator of the Baloto Game in Colombia since 2000, providing all services including Information Technology, Field Services, Marketing, Finance, Sales, POS Trainings, executing POS materials, and Human Resources.


Through the experience gained by its brand Lottomatica in Italy, GTECH has developed innovative, simple, convenient, and technologically advanced solutions to satisfy and simplify daily needs by saving time, offering quick and close-to-home services and safe transactions.

These services represent an efficient and richer alternative to more traditional channels such as post offices and banks. Through 77,546 points-of-sale locations, GTECH offers the largest nation-wide network, supplying more than 100 non-lottery commercial transaction services such as card and telephone recharging, ticket office services, electronic money transfers, and revenue stamps.

In Italy, CartaLIS “Imel” contributes to the diffusion of electronic cash, providing the economy with cashless tools.


GTECH’s Lottery and Gaming Services organization incorporates more than 1,200 Field and Gaming Service personnel spread across 28 domestic U.S. lottery states, 363 North American Gaming venues, and 25 countries internationally. They provided the following services:

  • Retailer support for the United States and Leeward Islands
  • Internet Wagering support for Illinois and Georgia
  • iGaming support for Ontario
  • Poker and Bingo support in Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

Client Services resources are responsible for more than 1,140,000 pieces of equipment that include on-counter terminals, satellite communication equipment, and player facing games. Resources are available to assist with terminal provisioning (installs/removals/relocations), repairs, and all maintenance requirements any hour of the day, 365 days a year. In 2014, Lottery and Gaming Service Technicians responded to over 1.2 million service calls.

The National Response Center (NRC) manages its operations from five call center locations: Providence, Rhode Island; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, West Virginia; and Toronto, Ontario; with outsourced operations in Tennessee and Virginia. These centers support calls from 28 jurisdictions and eight lottery player sites.

GTECH’s Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Call Center operations provides lottery retailers and commercial services clients with a dedicated team of call center associates that may be reached toll-free during working hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Support is provided across multiple contact channels including phone, email, web-based forms, etc.

In addition to first line retailer support, the EMEA Call Center provides dispatch support for the Field Service Technicians (FSTs), network specialists, and depot technicians.

GTECH also manages an English-speaking Contact Center, based in Hyderabad, India, and a multilingual contact center in Bucharest, Romania.

The contact centers have a dedicated and experienced team providing customer support for:

  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Sports betting
  • Cashier

Most inquiries are serviced in Italy through the local contact center. In 2014, it processed more than 2.2 million B2B calls and almost 1.4 million B2C contacts.