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GTECH is a leading commercial operator and provider of technology in regulated worldwide gaming markets. It delivers best-in-class products and services, with a commitment to the highest levels of integrity, responsibility, and shareholder value creation.

As a world leader in a growing industry, GTECH fulfills customers’ requirements across all facets of the regulated gaming space. GTECH designs, assembles, installs, operates, and maintains draw-based lottery systems, terminals, and communications networks for governments and licensed operators worldwide. GTECH also provides printed products and related services, self-service lottery product vending machines, game design and content, marketing and promotional services, field service for retailers, and responsible gaming tools and services.

GTECH has the industry’s most extensive proven lottery management capabilities, operating the world’s largest lottery in Italy and managing other operator contracts in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.


The Company is committed to the principles of integrity, trust, respect and excellence in all relationships in which it does business.

  • It is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations governing the business worldwide
  • It manages the activities in compliance with core principles in all business operations and transactions.
  • It acts with integrity in all relationships and workplaces, avoiding all conflicts of interest between work and personal activities of employees.
  • It is committed to the protection of Company’s total assets, including financial, physical, and intellectual property assets, and guarantee the accuracy and transparency of all given information.
  • It maintains a culture that fosters a safe workplace, equal opportunity, diversity, communication, and innovation where everyone is treated with respect, fairness, and dignity.
  • It is committed to corporate social responsibility and, in particular, enabling customers to provide educational, cultural, charitable, and philanthropic opportunities to their citizens.


GTECH is a global company with employees living and working in countries all over the world. The GTECH Code of Conduct provides information about the standard of behavior and the level of integrity expected

The Code is available and may be downloaded from the GTECH website at


For GTECH, good corporate governance means having structures and processes in place to ensure that the Company’s decisions and actions are in the best interests of  stakeholders. It also means being transparent with and responsive to stakeholders. Moreover, an advanced system of corporate governance is considered the best way to deal with the mentioned risks.

The Board of Directors has established internal advisory committees with specific functions:

  • Executive Committee
  • Control and Risks Committee
  • Remuneration and Appointments Committee
  • Independent Directors’ Committee


Compliance within GTECH is overseen by the Global Compliance and Governance Committee.

The primary purpose of the Global Compliance and Governance Committee is to:

  • Identify, evaluate, and monitor situations arising in the course of the Company’s business to ensure that the Company’s activities are consistent with the objectives of Regulatory and Corporate compliance, including adherence to gaming laws and regulations.
  • Ensure that all employees, contractors, consultants, and agents comply with the Compliance Plan and ethical guidelines set forth within the Plan.
  • Meet quarterly to review compliance and governance matters.


The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is a committee comprised of senior managers of GTECH. The GAC administers and approves GTECH’s consulting and other agreements for obtaining and/or retaining lottery and other state-sponsored gaming business through government relations consultants.

The GAC reviews at least quarterly all its activities which include the following:

  • Reports on new engagements, extensions of contracts or terminations of Government Relations Consultants;
  • Compensation paid monthly for Government Relations (GR) Consultants on an annual basis;
  • Results of background investigations and due diligence inquiries on all Government Relations Consultants.


The Government Affairs Policy is combined with the Global Compliance and Governance Plan. The Purpose of the Government Affairs Policy is to:

  • Provide an efficient process to administer GR consultants and agreements;
  • Provide direction on the engagement and use of GR consultants;
  • Ensure background and due diligence procedures are performed for all GR consultants;
  • Administer and approve GTECH’s political and charitable contributions;
  • Manage the overall process, the Government Affairs Policy establishes a Government Affairs Committee (“GAC”).